Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Doctor Sleep #Read-Along - Week Four #SomethingWickedFall

I'm running way behind this week! Sorry! It's going to be short and sweet so I hope you will help me fill in on anything I miss. Thanks!

Things are really starting to escalate. Once again, I found I had to force myself to stop reading. SO good! I loved that Dan finally met Abra in person, though he has to be very careful so no one thinks he's a perv. lol Abra is such a great character. SK really knows how to write children. I've always admired him for that.

Wasn't it awesome that he was able to talk to Dick Hallorann again? At first, I thought it was his mom, but I realized Dick was the one he went looking for (and found had died) so then I knew it had to be him. Great scene between him and the old woman, her sudden passing, and Dick taking her over. That should be interesting in the movie, if they do it.

Dare I say that I felt almost sympathetic toward Rose the Hat at one point. It's obvious that she cares about her people, and her worry over Grandpa Flick actually gave her a bit of humanity. Of course, that won't last long.

Looking forward to continuing on...

Share your thoughts on this week's section in the comments, or leave a link to a post. We'll be back next week for the next section. If you need the reading schedule, find it here.

A note on our watch-along of The Shining. Dare I say...I strongly dislike that movie. I know. Probably shocking to many who find it scary. I really don't. It's actually incredibly boring at times, and Kubrick really messed up the story. The book is SO much better. The casting of Shelley Duvall (who I like otherwise) was way off, and was an enormous cause of displeasure to Stephen King. His Wendy was not a victim, as portrayed in the film, so when things started going south, it was a real shock to her. Unlike the Wendy in the film, who was already acting like she lived on the point of a knife. I would recommend digging up the TV miniseries of the story. It was a lot closer to the book. This is one case where I would really like to see a major motion picture remake.

Our next watch-along will be Midsommar. The date is set for October 19. We're deciding on the time. You can weigh in by commenting on the post in our Facebook group, reply in the Goodreads group, or comment on my Tweet on Twitter (@truebookaddict).

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