Saturday, June 15, 2024

Jonathan Janz's Children of the Dark 2: The Night Flyers - Review

The long-awaited sequel to Children of the Dark is finally here! It was worth the wait. Once again, we are gifted with creatures of our nightmares...The Children and the equally horrifying Night Flyers. Most importantly though, it's the characters, with the spotlight going to Will, the good brother and loyal friend. It's sad that he blames himself for everything that happened in Book One, and continues to do so in this book. Clearly, how can any of it be his fault? But that is what trauma can do to a person. Unfortunately, Will isn't given the opportunity to heal due to bureaucrats more worried about a cover up than his recovery. 

Janz always writes with a nod to Stephen King. Particularly, the coming-of-age stories like IT and The Body. But there is also an element of Stranger Things. The kids fighting an evil beyond anyone's imagination. In no way though is he copying those styles. He has his own unique spin on the story. Because Janz knows family, and even if this is a horrific story, the very root of the story is the importance of family. Family by blood, and those who become our family. 

If you have been on the fence about his books, I suggest you remedy that right away. Because Janz has a catalog of excellent horror for devouring. My suggestion is to start your journey with Children of the Dark, and this, its sequel.

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