Tuesday, August 25, 2020

#SomethingWickedFall featuring The Woman in White #ReadAlong

It's our third year of Something Wicked Fall! Woot! Keep reading for all the details.

Everything on the agenda is on the button above, but I'm going to share more details below. If you're on Facebook, we have a Seasons of Reading group and page, where we interact during readathons so I'll be sharing info there, and also on the Seasons of Reading Instagram, and in our Seasons of Reading Goodreads group. Castle Macabre also has a Facebook page.

💀 Wilkie Collins' The Woman in White read-along. We will be reading the book for the entire two months. I've been wanting to read this one for a long time. 

Discussions will be held on this blog. I will put a new post up each week on Sunday (with final discussion post up on Sunday, November 1...we will skip Sunday, October 25 since it's the day after Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon and people will probably be recuperating) and we will read along according to the schedule below.

My edition is the Penguin Classics edition, published 2009. 672 pages, though we are only going to reading page 3-626 which includes the two prefaces and the full book text. We are going to have to wing it with page numbers only, as there are so many new chapters under each character's point of view, I couldn't figure out how to split them up. I hope this will work for us. Yikes!

Read-Along Schedule
  • Week One (start Sept 1): Preface (1860) - starting The First Epoch (pp 3 - 77)
  • Week Two (week of Sept 7): The First Epoch: XIII -  (pp 77 - 156)
  • Week Three (week of Sept 14): The First Epoch and into Second Epoch (pp 156 - 241)
  • Week Four (week of Sept 21): The Second Epoch (pp 241 - 316)
  • Week Five (week of Sept 28): The Second Epoch (pp 316 - 398) 
  • Week Six (week of Oct 5): The Second Epoch and into Third Epoch (pp 399 - 477)
  • Week Seven (week of Oct 12): The Third Epoch (pp 478 - 555)
  • Week Eight (week of Oct 26): The Third Epoch (pp 555 - 627/end)

👻 In September, we're focusing on Gothic stories (Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and others). There's a great list on Goodreads for reference, Best Gothic Books of All Time. I'm not going to set up any read-alongs for this. I'll create a master post and you can stop by and share what you read, and your thoughts, in the comments.

👿 In October, we're focusing on horror stories. There are a couple of great lists on Goodreads for reference...Best Horror Anthologies and Horror Collections (Single Author). I'm not going to set up any read-alongs for this either. I'll create another master post and you can stop by and share what you read, and your thoughts, in the comments.

👹 We're going to have one or two horror movie watch-alongs! I'm not sure which ones we will watch yet. I will mull some titles over and then create a poll so everyone can vote. Any suggestions? Leave me a comment. Since not everyone is on the same social media platforms these days, I have a Seasons of Reading Slack group (I use it for my online book group and it's so much better than Twitter chats) for our watch-alongs. Slack is free so you don't have to worry about that. Stay tuned!

🎃 #FrightFall Readathon, is running in both September and October this year at Seasons of Reading. Sign ups for the readathon are open and you can sign up here. There is also Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon on October 24. Yay!

😈 I'm hoping to get some of my horror author friends to contribute some guest posts. If anyone else would like to contribute a post or guest review, please let me know. You can send me a message via the contact form here on the site.

I think that's it! Hope I didn't leave anything out. No official sign-up for this. Just share that you're in by leaving a comment. You can join in as little or as much as you want. Let's do this!

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