Thursday, October 3, 2019

Horror Stories Master Post #SomethingWickedFall

This is the master post for horror books or short stories read during Something Wicked Fall. I will be updating this post with my thoughts on stories I've read during the event.

Please share what you've read/your thoughts on what you've read in the comments. I think this will make for some hearty conversation!

There's a tab in the menu for easy access to this post. 

If you're still reading Gothic stories in October, the Gothic stories master post is still a available in the menu.


Finished Stephen King's 1922 from Full Dark, No Stars.

I saw the movie on Netflix in 2017 and loved it. It's one of those creepy stories, with a good dose of human nature, that SK tells so well. Of course, I always read the book/story whether I see the film first or not. The beauty of a film based on a shorter literary form is that it's usually a lot like the story. That was the case here, and although I already knew the horrors awaiting in the story, it did not make me enjoy it any less. This is a great story with a moral...greed gets you nowhere, and sometimes leaves you worst off than you ever were. 

Next up, Big Driver...another one of which I saw the film first. 

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