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30-Day Horror Movie Challenge - Horror-Themed TV Show...

Taglines: The Truth Is Out There

Synopsis: FBI special agents investigate unexplained, mind-bending cases known as "X-Files." Though the government is convinced that the outlandish reports are false, conspiracy theorist Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and realist Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), for most of the series, stop at nothing to prove that "the truth is out there."

This is my favorite show of all time so, of course, I chose it for this category. Sure, a lot of it was about aliens and government conspiracies (the latter is quite horrific in its own right, especially in light of recent years), but there were some genuinely horrific episodes. The best one, in my humble opinion, was "Home" (season 4, episode 2). I mean what's better than a murderous inbreeding family?  Also, probably one of the more gory episodes. Definitely horror.
Honorable mention goes to "Our Town" (season 2) with cannibalism and more, "The Host" (season 2) with Flukeman, "Detour" (season 5) with a chameleon-like monster with glowing eyes, and "Squeeze" and "Tooms" (season 1) with the ever-after creepy Tooms.

I also loved the motion picture releases, especially the second one, "I Want To Believe." Of course, I was absolutely thrilled with the two season comeback as well. I wish they would make more, or make another movie. Super fan for life!

What is your favorite horror-themed TV show?

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  1. I remember watching Home live (and being freaked the eff out!) then finding out they banned re-airs because it was "too graphic." LOL Oh you innocent 90s broadcast channels.

    The X-Files is my everything. No, seriously. I can recite Bad Blood from memory, and I don't mean just a few lines -- I mean the whole episode. #SorryNotSorry LOL

    1. I hadn't heard about the banning until just recently. In college my friend Tania and would watch X-Files religiously. After "Home", I think I forewent studying that night to rewatch Clue, because neither of us were up for being alone after it.

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