Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Giveaway! The Vampire Hunters by Scott M. Baker

Today I am featuring The Vampire Hunters trilogy written by Scott M. Baker.  Scott was generous enough to offer one lucky winner a print copy of each book!

The Vampire Hunters

As former Boston cops, Drake Matthews and Alison Monroe thought they had experienced it all... until they found themselves tracking down a serial killer who turned out to be one of the undead. Stopping him cost them their careers and almost their lives. Thanks to an influential and anonymous benefactor, Drake and Alison find a new job ridding the streets of WashingtonD.C. of the vampiric threat terrorizing the nation's capital.

Only this time, Drake and Alison are not facing a single vampire but an entire nest led by Ion Zielenska, one of history's most evil and twisted masters. As the vampires indiscriminately prey on humans, seeing them as nothing more than food to satiate their hunger, they create a wave of violence that threatens to engulf the city. Orchestrating the carnage is Antoinette Varela, the mistress of the nest, who realizes that for the nest to survive the hunters must be eliminated. However, when her vendetta turns personal, the hunters find themselves in struggle they are not prepared for.

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The Vampire Hunters: Vampyrnomicon

Within the vaults of the Smithsonian Institute lies the key to finding the Vampyrnomicon, theBook of the Undead, that contains the history and secrets of the vampires. According to legend, whoever possesses the book can establish a vampire nation on earth – or destroy the undead once and for all. With an opportunity to end the war against the undead so close, Drake Matthews is determined to find the book.

But the vampires also want the Vampyrnomicon. When Master Chiang Shih and her coven of the most powerful and dangerous vampires arrive in Washington to claim the book as their own, the hunters find themselves facing their most dangerous enemy yet. With the stakes so high, so is the ferocity of the struggle.

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The Vampire Hunters: Dominion.....release date, October 1, 2011


Watch for my reviews of all three books....coming soon!

Giveaway Details:

  • Open to US/Canada only.
  • Leave a comment and be sure to include your email address, in case you win.  Being a follower is not required, but it would be appreciated, if you like the site!
  • ONE winner will receive a print copy of each book.  Please note that book three, Dominion, does not release until October 1st.  All three books will be mailed out after that date.
  • winner will be selected using Random.org
  • Giveaway ends on September 30, 2011 at 11:59pm CST
Thanks for entering and good luck!!!



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  1. Have fun with your new vampire books.

  2. Oh, what a great giveaway, Michelle! I haven't read these but they sound great. So loving this new blog, by the way. Looking forward to what may appear in October.


  3. Ohh, vampire books...and Smithsonian! Detectives...sounds like good fun. I'd love to be entered.

    savvyverseandwit at gmail

  4. A most wonderful giveaway! Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter!

    Kitty Bullard

  5. These sound great! Thank you for the great giveaway, and a big thanks to Scott M. Baker!!


  6. Would love to win..


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