Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Doctor Sleep Read-Along - Week Six #SomethingWickedFall

Oh man, did I not feel bad for what happened to Crow. Not only evil, but just plain mean. Insulting the intelligence of a little girl (well, preteen, I guess). Just because she has those powers doesn't mean she's learned everything there is to learn in life. Abra and Dan together...that's some powerhouse.

So, the True Knot is not much of a knot any longer, with many leaving the group. Poor Rose...not. Serves her right. I keep thinking of the woman who is playing her in the movie, Rebecca Ferguson. I'm not sure if she's my vision of the evil of Rose the Hat. We shall see. Ferguson is a good actress though. I totally keep picturing Ewan McGregor as Dan. Can't help it.

How about that revelation about Lucy and Dan? I was floored! I did not see that coming at all. What did you think of that element. I'm not so sure it works. Kind of seems like an afterthought. I wonder if that will come up in the movie. I bet they cut that out. Again, we shall see.

Well, we are in the home stretch. One more section left until we reach the end. I'm excited to find out what happens.

More next week...

Share your thoughts on this week's section in the comments, or leave a link to a post. We'll be back next week for the next section. If you need the reading schedule, find it here.

The Midsommar Watch-Along will be Saturday, October 19 at 10:00 pm Eastern/9:00 pm Central. 

We will be using Slack for discussion while we watch (It's free!). Click the Invite link below to join/signup: https://join.slack.com/t/seasonsofreading/shared_invite/enQtNzU2Njc0MTkyOTEzLWEwMWE2NzdjOGMzYjAwNmZjMjk2MmUwODRmNTRhYzIwZjBkODVkY2U3ZTMwZGIxNmI0ZWU1NmE4MjcwNDI5YmI

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