Tuesday, October 29, 2019

30-Day Horror Movie Challenge - A film no one’s ever heard of...

Tagline: Take a trip… into the past

Synopsis: Two men capture a small group of deserters during England's civil war. After the captives ingest some wild mushrooms, they fall victim to the powerful energies of a mystical field.
I was going to go with Hagazussa: A Heathen’s Curse, but then my friend (Heather) mentioned she had it on her list to watch so...had to choose something else. As Hagazussa is, A Field in England is also considered folk horror. It really is a weird movie. It has some creepy moments, and some rather grotesque ones as well. It's worth a watch if you like weird, obscure movies like I do. (Google)

What's your favorite film no one's ever heard of?

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  1. Another one to add to the list!

    Here's mine. It's the second movie on the list! Trying to catch up...


  2. Heard of it - I think it was a podcast I was listening to?? - but I haven't watched it yet. I may have to now that you've featured it. Here's mine (it's a weird one LOL) https://leahsaylorabney.com/12297/30-day-horror-movie-challenge-day-28/

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- See more at: http://www.techtrickhome.com/2013/02/show-comment-box-above-comments-on.html#sthash.SyglVmdY.dpuf