Monday, October 3, 2011

Frightful Fall Read-a-Thon Prize Page

To learn more about the authors, click their names.  To learn more about the books, click the covers.

Thanks again to all the generous authors who donated all of our prizes! You are awesome!

*Titles/quantities struck through indicate prize is taken*

Rob Blackwell
A Soul to Steal 
3 eBook copies (International) (Winners--NovelKatie, Julie, Diana)

Pamela Kinney
Spectre Nightmares and Visitations: short story collection
PDF download (International) (Winner = Sophia)
Dark Eyes: short story
PDF download (International) (Winner = Risa)

S.J. Davis
Ink Tote Bag and Bookmark (U.S. only) (Winner = Kai)
Invisible Sun Tote Bag and Ink Bookmark (U.S. only) (Winner = Julie-K&S)
Ink--signed print copy (International) will be available to ship in a week or two (Winner = Lisa)
Invisible Sun--signed print copy (International) will be available to ship in a month (Winner = Aleksandra)

Axel Howerton
A Career Guide to Your Job in Hell
2 One hardcover copies (U.S./Canada) (Winners = Whitney, Moirae (the fates) )
2 eBook copies (International) (Ashley, Lit Addicted Brit)

Kathleen S. Allen
Witch Hunter--Kindle copy (International) (Winner = Tiffany)
Please to See the King--Kindle copy (International) (Winner = Melissa)

Karen Essex
Dracula in Love
5 4  3 2 1 print copies (U.S. only)
(winners = Lori, Kate-MBG, Titania86, Diana, Marla)

Brenda Wallace
Playing with Fire: a horror anthology by Chryse Wymer & Coral Russell
eBook (International) (Winner = Aleksandra)
Brilliant Prey
eBook (International) (Winner = SenoraG)

J.L. Murphey
Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption
2 ONE eBook copies (International) (Winners = Melissa, Tobe)

Morgan Kearns
The Seduction of Damian (The Gossip of Mysterious Lane #1)
His Destiny is Karma (The Gossip of Mysterious Lane #2)
  3 2 ONE digital copies of the two book set (International) 
(Winners = Danielle, Tiffany, Sherri)



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  1. WOW, they are some great prizes. A second thanks to that donated.

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