Tuesday, November 1, 2022

The Devil in Silver Read-Along - Final Discussion

Spoiler Warning: If you are not reading along with us, the below discussion post and comments may contain spoilers.

This book was SO good! I really felt the ending was appropriate. 

First of all, I was shocked by the way Dr. Anand spoke to Pepper and Loochie after Dorry's death. Then he goes on to elaborate about his situation and the situation there at the mental hospital. This book really demonstrates how broken our mental health system is. I truly believe there are facilities like this in our country. It's a sad realization. 

So, first I'm going to mention the part toward the end when Josephine tells Pepper that Miss Chris has been telling the new doctor that he is not ill. My thinking is Pepper carrying Mr. Visserplein (aka the Devil)...well, falling with him through the ceiling...him no longer seeing the man as a beast was proof to at least Miss Chris that he was not in fact insane. Still mind boggling how long he was kept there when he was never charged or sentenced to serve his time in a mental ward. My hope is that he did in fact get released and maybe he reconnects with his family, and then gets in touch with Xiu in California. The one amazing thing about this story, at least in my opinion, is how Pepper has grown as a person. 

And knowing Loochie is free and out in the world. That's wonderful. 

Thanks for reading along with me! We will have another great read-along for next year's Something Wicked Fall. What will it be?!

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  1. Overall, I enjoyed it. I gave it 4 stars. I didn't love the ending. I was a bit disappointed that Pepper didn't get out, especially when he wasn't supposed to be in there in the first place!! I don't think he was ever mentally unstable, I think it was all because of the meds they were on. Yes, some of them were mentally unstable but I think the meds contributed to them seeing the "Devil." And he was killing people because he really was violent and insane.

  2. Yeah, it was really subtle how Lavalle portrayed Pepper. I think he was in there for a reason...we kind of had to rely on unreliable narrators. But that really helps us get in the minds of those inside. I also loved the weird fantastical elements that came into play with no real reason like how Pepper was able to contact Sue's sister. And the humanization of everyone in the book...including the rat. Yay to Loochie getting out. I was kind left with the feeling that Pepper would eventually see his day in court as the hospital would declare him fit. And I do imagine him finding Sue and reconnecting with his family. I was really impressed with the layers and character-building. While, I'm not sure if I'd completely categorize this book as a horror...more like literary fiction with some horrific and fantastical elements. He's such a good author. His next book is coming out early next year! I'm excited.
    Thanks for the read-a-long, Michelle! I really enjoyed this book.

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