Friday, July 2, 2021

I Read Horror Year-Round Reading Challenge - Second Quarter Check-in #IReadHorror

Here we are at the six month mark! Time is flying by. 

I've managed to check two more off my list of 12 books. I'm doing the Chilling level. (Full challenge details can still sign up.)

What I've read so far:

Winter theme, or winter appearance on the cover (snow, ice, etc.)
The Ascent by Ronald Malfi (short review on Goodreads)

Written by a woman
The Witch's Trinity by Erika Mailman (Review)

Historical horror (must be an historical novel written by a contemporary author)
The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

A body of water (featured in story, on cover, or in title)
Cradle Lake by Ronald Malfi (short review on Goodreads)

I'm currently reading Glenn Rolfe's August's Eyes which comes out guessed it...August (Indie Author category). 

So, how's it going for you with the horror reading? Share your progress in the comments (update, links to posts/reviews, etc.).

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  1. Not sure if I'm doing it right. Can one book count for multiple categories or can it only be used for one? Like I read What Big Teeth and it would fill: monster, really scary book cover, woman on cover, written by a woman, and historical horror.

  2. I've read 4 books from 4 categories:
    Ghosts: The Taking of Jake Livingston, Psychological: The Shadows, Monsters: What Big Teeth, Written by a Woman: The Bone Houses. And I've got 4 more lined up! I didn't pick a level, I just want to see how far I can go without pressuring myself. :) I don't read a lot of horror routinely.

  3. Almost through the first round. Here's what I've read so far.

    *Winter Theme, or winter appearance on the cover (snow, ice, etc.) - Ararat by Christopher Golden

    *Ghosts or spirits - The Family Plot by Cherie Priest

    *Monster or Monsters - Snowblind by Christopher Golden

    *A body of water (featured in story, on cover, or in title) - Duma Key by Stephen King

    *Really scary book cover - The Breach by M.T. Hill

    *Woman on cover - Later by Stephen King

    *Written by a woman - The Mummy (Ramses the Damned #1) by Anne Rice

    *Written by a best-selling horror author - If It Bleeds by Stephen King

    *Written by an indie author - Echoes of Home by M.L. Rayner

  4. Do mystery/thrillers count? I did use one for psychological category but it certainly leant more towards horror than thriller (The Shadows by Alex North). I read One By One by Ruth Ware and it's all kinds of snowy on the cover so I was wondering if I could count it towards that category?

    1. You know me, Elyse. Not a huge stickler for rules. What is horror to one person can be completely different for someone else. Mysteries usually have murder and death in them so I'm going to say yes. Go for it. :)

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