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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - #GothicSept Read-Along Discussion 2 #MissPeregrines

I apologize for the lateness of this post. I ran into some dental and health issues in the past two weeks and it has seriously slowed down my reading.

I hope you're enjoying the book as much as I am. In week two's section, we finally get into the meat of the story and we get our first glimpses of the peculiar children. Aren't they amazing!? Which is your favorite? I'm kind of fond of the dapper Horace.

Miss Peregrine is an odd bird. HaHa...see what I did there? As she was explaining the time loop, I found myself having problems following. This often happens to me with time travel type stories. It's just kind of confusing. How weird would it be to always be on that one day?

Since this is Gothic September, I want to touch on some of the Gothic elements we've encountered so far.

Setting in lonely or remote places
Cairnholm Island is an isolated, remote place. There is only one phone on the entire island and the electricity comes from generators instead of power lines and the electricity is shut off at 10pm each night. Can you imagine that? I can't, although reading into the wee hours by lamp or candle light might be nice.

In addition, Miss Peregrine's house is also very isolated. Its location outside the edge of town, past a steep ridge, and through a bog and forest make it an extremely remote place indeed. In its abandoned state, it certainly could be referred to as lonely.

An atmosphere of mystery and suspense
Perhaps the mystery and suspense truly begins with the last words of Abraham Portman, and what they mean for Jacob.

“‘Find the bird. In the loop. On the other side of the old man’s grave. September third, 1940.’ I nodded, but he could see that I didn’t understand. With his last bit of strength, he added, ‘Emerson - the letter. Tell them what happened, Yakob.’” - pg. 37

Once Jacob gets to the island, there is the mystery of the abandoned house, and then the suspense of Jacob chasing Emma through the Loop, then Jacob being chased by the men in the town. The next mystery comes up with the killing of the sheep. Who did it? I couldn't help but think about the creature that killed Abraham. 

What are your thoughts about this week's section?

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  1. I really enjoyed getting that glimpse of the children. Ironically, even though he is a bit morbid, I like the kid who puts hearts into the toys. It seems he likes life enough to try to bring them back always.

    I did not find the time travel weird but I did think it was weird they would just preserve one year. It seems like they could have fixed it so the children (at least in this loop) were not stuck in such a horrible time aka war. What a job she has!

    Read on...looking forward to next discussion.
    Naila Moon

    1. I must not have got far enough to read about the one who puts hearts in toys. That's weird and wonderful at the same time. :-)

      Yeah, it does seem like if they had that much power, they could do pretty much anything with the time travel. I guess that date has such significance.

      Thanks for stopping by, Naila. See you at the next discussion.

  2. I found the time travel part a bit confusing at first. That would be extremely weird to experience the happenings of one day forever. My favorite of the children is Milliard, the one that is completely invisible.

    1. Oh, I like that kid too! However, never to have been seen must also be a terrible burden.

  3. I liked the book so much that I just finished it a few days ago on a plane ride to CA. I thought it a very interesting premise, with definite shades of Harry Potter but a unique take on the kids at school battling evil idea.

  4. I want fascinated by going through the loop...both backwards
    and forwards.
    The clothes the children wore that was antiquated was interesting.
    I liked Emma. She was very protective of her side of the loop
    until she got to know Jacob.
    Enjoying the story.
    Carol Smith

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