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FEAR Blog Tour: Dreamcast for If All Else Perished and Giveaway!

Dreamcast for “If All Else Perished” by Kiona Smith-Strickland

Nicole Reynolds is a tracking dog handler. After the zombie outbreak, she convinced her husband, Doug, that they could make a living tracking the undead, giving families closure by finding their infected loved ones and putting them to rest. She is normally a stickler for proper safety protocols – she helped invent the protocols for hunting the undead – but she has an impulsive streak.

Dreamcast selection for Nicole: Sigourney Weaver (Alien, Ghostbusters, Avatar). She has a history of playing strong, competent characters without resorting to blatant fanservice, and that smart, strong attitude is perfect for Nicole.

Doug is Nicole’s husband, a newly-retired military veteran. Levelheaded, competent, and generally low-key, he leads his team with quiet authority. Doug is tough, but Nicole is his undeniable soft spot.


Dreamcast selection for Doug: Mark Harmon (NCIS). Harmon plays exactly the kind of guy Jim is – strong but compassionate, and competent without being flashy. His attitude lends itself well to Doug’s leadership style, and he plays a very convincing veteran.

JimDoug and Nicole teamed up with Jim, one of Doug’s old war buddies. Jim is brave to the point of recklessness, but his disregard for his own safety is tempered by his struggle to keep the impulsive Nicole out of trouble when the mission goes sideways.

Dreamcast selection for Jim: Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, Evil Dead 2, Burn Notice). He is Bruce Campbell - enough said.

Cora is the fourth member of the team, a German Shepherd trained in trailing and zombie detection. She is known as one of the best zombie-tracking dogs in the country. Cora is fiercely loyal to Nicole, dearly loves Doug, and hates zombies with a passion.

Dreamcast selection for Cora: Abbey the German Shepherd (I Am Legend). 

Dead Molly
The team has come to the mountains of southern New Mexico to find Molly, a college student lost on a hiking trip when the zombie infection crossed the Rio Grande. Molly’s rich parents hired the team to find her and put her to rest. 

Dreamcast selection for Dead Molly: Ellen Muth (Dead Like Me). She handles morbid, gory situations really well, and she does have experience playing a dead girl. 

Border Patrol Zombie
Along the way, the team runs across an undead Border Patrol agent, the unwitting first sign of the wave of zombies that overruns their position in the mountains.

Dreamcast selection for Border Patrol Zombie: Adam Baldwin (Firefly, Chuck). It would be fun to see him translating his usual tough-guy role into a tough-guy zombie.

Bio: Kiona Smith-Strickland is a freelance writer and the editor of Blood Magazine.  Originally from
Texas, she lives in the desert with a border collie named Duke, where she enjoys good stories and
old cemeteries. She can be found online at

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  1. Thanks for participating, Michelle! FEAR looks right at home on your page, they're both deliciously creepy! ;)

  2. Thanks so much! I'm glad the FEAR tour gave me chance to find your awesomely creepy blog. I anticipate a couple days of lost working time while I catch up on your archives. :)

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