Friday, December 9, 2011

Stephen King's Top 20 of 2011

The Walking Dead

Here is Stephen King's top 20 in books, movies, television, and music for 2011.

  1. Breaking Bad (television show on AMC)
  2. Margin Call (motion picture)
  3. How Do You Do--Mayer Hawthorne (music)
  4. Sons of Anarchy (television show on FX)
  5. Skippy Dies by Paul Murray (novel)
  6. Sky Full of Holes--Fountains of Wayne (music)
  7. The Debt (motion picture)
  8. Ready for Confetti--Robert Earl Keen (music)
  9. Talk, Talk by T.C. Boyle (novel)
  10. Crossers by Philip Caputo (novel)
  11. Revenge (television show on ABC)
  12. The Accident by Linwood Barclay (novel)
  13. The Tree of Life (motion picture)
  14. The Lincoln Lawyer (motion picture)  *
  15. "Get that Snitch"--Mikis Michaelidis (song from the Attack the Block soundtrack)
  16. The White Devil by Justin Evans (novel)
  17. Final Destination 5 (motion picture)  
  18. The Hour (televison show on BBC America)
  19. The Walking Dead (television show on AMC)  *
  20. "Rumor Has It"--Adele (song from her 21 album)  *
I put stars by the ones I agree with.  The Lincoln Lawyer...AWESOME! The Walking Dead...also AWESOME! I adore Adele.  Most of the others I do not watch, have not seen, heard, or read, or have seen (Final Destination 5), but was not fond of.  I will take very seriously his book recommendations though!

The source for this list is Entertainment Weekly.

Go HERE to see the slide show of the list and read King's explanations for his choices.


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  1. I LOVE Sons of Anarchy!! So I definitely agree there - - the show is phenomenal. I also agree about Revenge; really well done show.

    I'd be curious to know what SK thinks about American Horror Story; it seems right up his alley.

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