Friday, September 6, 2013

The Arrow Chest Read-a-Long--Week One

So, how do you fair so far in our oh-so Gothic read of The Arrow Chest? I am thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere and ghostliness of it all.

Observations so far...

Amos is quite a likable character. He's just as I'd imagine a young artist of the time to be. I like how he interacts with his maid, Beth, and I can't help but hope that there might be a future between the two. I know, I know...I should not hope for such things, but it seems I'm always for the underdog.

Lord Bowlend--Oliver--is quite a boar, is he not. I believe that Daphne has realized her mistake in marrying him. And what was that whole scenario in the study between Oliver, Amos and that Tommy character? That was quite a tense situation. It makes me wonder if there really is something very dark buried below Oliver's (somewhat) polished exterior.

Daphne is an enigma. She seems quite a smart woman and undoubtedly beautiful. I'm hoping that more of her character will be revealed as we continue reading.

What are your thoughts on the first section? Any insights or observations of your own? Please share in the comments or link to your blog post.

For next week, Chapters 7 - 12, concluding on page 167.


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  1. I know I'm a bit late, but I'm writing my thoughts on the first part tomorrow!

  2. Here I am! I enjoyed the first chapters and got immediately in the Arrow Chest's universe! I loved the atmosphere... Robert Parry knows how to create one! When I read Virgin and the Crab, the book draw me straight in and I was "living" in the Tudor Era. The same happened with the Arrow Chest, I loved the ghostly appearance of Ted (I wasn't expecting him to be a ghost!!) and also the whole Victorian/spooky atmosphere.

    About the characters: For me the most likeable is Beth. I shed a tear when her glasses were mentioned. I think Beth is the Victorian equivalent of Elizabeth I, right? From Queen to maid, that's quite a difference!

    I enjoyed Amos' character, and I liked him, but not as much as I expected. He is a bit too bohemian for my taste and I can't indentify myself with him (sorry if that doesn't make sense, I am not a native English speaker), but that doesn't mean that he is not well-written. Daphne... she made a big mistake by marrying Henry VIII aka Oliver Ramsey!! I fear for her, I really do, And Tommy, aka Cromwell, he is certainly nasty!!

    All in all, I keep reading!! It's getting more interesting!

  3. Thanks for joining me, Eliza! I too am loving this book. Virgin and the Crab is one of my favorites and I think this one will be too. I totally agree about Beth. And I'm glad you brought up the parallels with the Tudors. I didn't even think of that! So, Daphne is Anne Boleyn then? Yeah, Oliver and Tommy are real you-know-whats!

  4. Daphne is definately Anne Boleyn, dark and mysterious, although taller!! haha
    I'm waiting for the week 2 topic to make my comments on chapters 7-12!!

  5. So sorry, Eliza! I got behind on the reading. I'll have it posted some time later tonight.

  6. No problem, I'll be waiting patiently and I'll comment tomorrow!

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