Monday, September 16, 2013

The Arrow Chest Read-a-Long--Week 2

I apologize for being so late with this. I got behind on the reading and then the weekend came and it always seems I'm so busy on the weekend (when am I not busy really). Anyhoo...time for some thoughts on week two's reading.

Can I just say again how much I'm enjoying this book!? It's so wonderfully Gothic with all the ghostly apparitions (or ghosts who seem to be real people until they suddenly disappear...delicious!) and mediums and seances. Honestly, while I'm reading I'm transported. I feel like I'm part of the story.

Shall I reflect on the pomposity and utter asshattery of Oliver Ramsey? He is a most intolerable character. I really think I would have to slap him if I had to be in the same room with him. As Eliza pointed out last week, definite parallels with Henry VIII, with Daphne being the Anne Boleyn in the story. The whole, "I need a male heir" and his attitude toward Daphne when she miscarries. Really the attitude of him and the entire staff is reproachable.

I found myself wondering how Amos inherited from his father when he was estranged, but I guess estranged doesn't necessarily mean disinherited. So, his fortunes have improved, but is he risking it all for the sake of love and truth? Perhaps. I'm really anxious to see how this plays out.

Another quick note...I'm loving the flashbacks via Amos's dreams, where Daphne is clearly Anne Boleyn, but who is Amos from that past? I hope we find out!

If you're reading along, feel free to share your thoughts here in the comments or link to your blog post. I'll be on time this week with the post...God willing!


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  1. I was really spooked reading about the seance with Madame Alenushka! She was a fake medium, but Anne's spirit was definately real! And telling off Daphne for choosing to marry Oliver.. I hope the 2 of them won't share the same end... Oliver is a definate villain for sure, I hate it that Daphne is married to him and under such pressure to get pregnant with a son. This is not going to happen and she'll be doomed.

    About Amos, I am sure his Tudor soul-mate is Thomas Wyatt, the poet. He was an artist, too, and Anne Boleyn was his inspiration for several poems (he called her 'the brunette'), And as Daphne is Amos' muse, I think that's the connection!

    I forgot to mension Daphne's sister in law... She must "be" Jane Parker Boleyn and I wonder if she'll help Oliver bring Daphne down, as Jane is said to have done to Anne Boleyn (although there are doubts about it and not sufficient evidence). Mopsy is un-likeable, she is soo jealous of her husband's sister and seems to be quite a fool.

    Looking forward to week 3's post!

  2. Thanks, Eliza! I had Wyatt's name on the tip of my tongue, but was too lazy to Google it. HaHa! That sounds exactly right to me though. Loving the parallels so much! And I didn't even think of the Jane Parker connection. You are brilliant!

    Just to let you know, I'll probably be posting this weeks update either really late tonight or early tomorrow. Sorry about that. I've been so busy with work and kid stuff this week, my reading is suffering for it.

  3. I also loved the parallels! Whenever a new character appeared in the book I tried to figure out who he/she was in the Tudor universe!! :-) The connections are impressive! Beth even has bad eyesight, as the real Queen Elizabeth I had!

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