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Scott Nicholson's Home for Halloween Giveaway!

The Home for Halloween Giveaway

Enter the Rafflecopter to win your choice of a Kindle Fire, Nook HD, or Kobo Glo, as well as signed books and audiobooks in the Home for Halloween giveaway from author Scott Nicholson.

The giveaway celebrates the launch of paranormal thriller The Home. Experiments at a group home for troubled children lead to paranormal activity—and the ghosts are from the home’s dark past as an insane asylum. In development as a feature, it’s available in ebook at Amazon US, Amazon UK,, Kobo, and Smashwords.

By Scott Nicholson
(From Chapter 12)

In the closet, with Dad’s weird machines humming, Freeman would triptrap into Dad’s mind and scream and scream and scream because Dad’s thoughts weren’t nice at all. And Dad was trying to put thoughts back into Freeman’s head, things he didn’t understand and which made no sense. That was how he learned about the Trust and why Dad was so scared.

But then Mom was dead and all those strange people from the Trust showed up, took Dad’s equipment away, and hauled Dad down to the police station. And Freeman went into protective custody and entered the foster system. And he didn’t triptrap for years. Then the gift crept back, as if it had been a hideous monster hibernating in the base of his skull.

Some of the telepathic glimpses were fleeting, some were robust and overwhelming, some were pleasant, and some were pitch black. He’d practiced until he could control the ability a little, because he was afraid of the Troll, though he never had figured out what Dad meant. Maybe it was fear, a big, black hungry thing inside. Though he tried to bury the gift, hoping neglect would make it disappear, he’d never been able to completely get rid of it.

He wasn’t sure he wanted to give it up, either. Mind-reading was kind of cool, even though it was freaky. And it definitely augmented his survival skills. He often knew which people to avoid and which people to mine for useful secrets.

But he was tired right now, and needed to shut down for a while. Because thinking of triptrapping always made him remember Dad, and memory could murder.

So tonight it was either music or the other thing that was foremost in his mind.

Vicky won out, and he thought of her until sleep pulled him under its dark sheets.

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  1. This books sounds really creepy and good. One that you wouldn't be able to put down. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.
    Sue B

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