Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year and my 2011 Best of Horror/Speculative Fiction

New Year Happy Dance!

I only read about six or seven horror/speculative fiction titles this year which I know will increase in the new year now that this blog is up and running.  Out of what I read in the genre, these were my favorites, in no particular order, with the exception of number one.  You can click on the titles to read my reviews.

1.  Jane Was Here by Sarah Kernochan--gritty and honest, my favorite in the genre in 2011.

2.  Nightwalker by Lisa Kessler--I'm not a big paranormal romance fan, but when Lisa, who I had been friends with and had followed her writing journey (and reading her wonderful short stories) for a few years, finally got her first novel published, I had to read it.  I was not disappointed.  Lisa is such a great writer and the romance parts of her book are not so much in your face (like others).  Can't wait for the next book!

3.  Dust by Joan Frances Turner--zombies...with a conscience.  What else can I say?

4.  Danny Marble and the Application for Non-Scary Things by Jessica McHugh--a middle grade book with a great story that touched on themes of bullying and childhood fears.

5.  Bag of Bones by Stephen King--this was actually a re-read for me and this is one of my favorite books by SK.  If you haven't read it, you really should.  I looked so forward to the mini-series, which aired in December on A&E.  Unfortunately, it was a major disappointment.

Also, wanted to mention read-a-thon plans for this year:

Many of my friends and followers look forward to my four seasonal read-a-thons, which I started in the Fall of 2010.  My winter read-a-thon is scheduled for next month, A Winter's Respite Read-a-Thon 2012 (details HERE).  Since my Frightful Fall Read-a-Thon, which I hosted here in October, was such a success, I've decided to make my Spring Read-a-Thon a spooky themed read-a-thon.  That way I'll have two scary themed read-a-thons a year hosted at Castle Macabre.  What do you think?  What about a name...tell me which of these you like best in the comments:

Spooky Spring Read-a-thon at Castle Macabre
Spring into Horror Read-a-Thon at Castle Macabre 
Spring is Scary Read-a-Thon at Castle Macabre

If you have any other suggestions for a name, feel free to leave them in the comments as well.

Thank you for being a follower of Castle Macabre! I appreciate you all and I wish you a happy and prosperous (and scary...for you major horror fans) new year!



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  1. Thanks so much for the mention Michelle!!! :) I'm glad you enjoyed Night Walker!!!

    I loved Bag of Bones too!!! I was hoping the miniseries was good... No? *sigh* I haven't seen it yet...

    Happy New Year!!!

    Lisa :)

  2. I absolutely LOVED Lisa Kessler's Night Walker

  3. Oh! Love the New Year Happy Dance!! Great! A Happy New Year to you, Michelle!!

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