Monday, January 2, 2012

Book Tours: Guest Post--Georgia Cates, author of Blood of Anteros

When an author writes, they have visions and they choose their words carefully to portray images to their readers. Success depends on many variables, but adjectives eliciting the five senses are most important and I have chosen to share some of the images I used when visualizing my characters and setting.

Photo 1: An excerpt describing the house facing the beach in Blood of Anteros:
I stopped to study the house, a white, two-story Greek Revival with a raised basement. The three dormers and windows were adorned with black shutters and a double staircase descended from the center of the raised porch. The pair of staircases curved toward one other, resembling two open arms, welcoming me home.
The landscaping was different; it was better, and great care had been taken in the tending of the yard. The Live Oaks I had planted along the drive and property had matured and they stood over one hundred feet tall, providing the house with the much needed shield from the hot, coastal sun.
The house had diligently stood strong and proud against the anger of the sea and defiantly survived the hurricanes and storms that attempted to erase it’s existence. I knew this well because I had once called this home. I lived here more than one hundred and sixty years ago and while cruel circumstances had forced my unplanned departure, destiny had commanded my return.

Photo 2: An excerpt describing the appearance of Curry Brennan:
I looked at the stranger in the mirror staring back at me and wondered who he was. His image stood just under six feet tall and his hair was dark, nearly black, like his heart. I leaned closer to the reflection, attempting to see a glimpse of myself within the monster standing in front of me and searched his eyes, the so-called windows to the soul. I looked beyond the flecks of light blue and gold of his irises, but found no trace of the soul I was told no longer existed and wondered, “Who is this demon mocking my every move?”

Photo 3: An excerpt describing the eyes of Chansey Leclaire:
I studied her flawless ivory skin and rosy glow. Her lips were full and stained a shade of deep scarlet and I was surprised when I didn’t find Anna’s crystal blue eyes or Grady’s deep brown. Her eyes were her own, a beautiful hazel with greens, browns, and golds fighting for dominance in each iris. She wore a fuchsia shirt, so green was winning today.

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