Monday, September 16, 2019

Doctor Sleep #Read-Along - Week Two #SomethingWickedFall

So sorry I'm late with this week's post. I was a bit under the weather this weekend.

I'm still loving this book so much. I found it quite poignant, the incorporation of 9/11 in the story, as we just passed the 18th anniversary of that tragic event. If only there would have been someone psychic who could have warned us. Not an infant like poor baby Abra. I can only imagine how she felt, seeing those visions, and not being able to express anything beyond crying and crying. Of course, there were surely some real grown-up psychics/precognates among the True Knot who could have possibly given a warning, but all they cared about was ingesting the "good steam." Though it's unlikely anyone would have believed such a warning anyway. The people in the world who so readily embrace their spiritual beliefs, yet cannot even fathom the possibility of supernatural power in the world. I'm not saying I believe 100 percent, but I certainly believe it's possible. How about you?

What Danny does for the old people of Rivington House is wonderful, in my opinion. Plus, the cat seems an added dose of comfort. I can only hope for such a peaceful passing when my time comes...hopefully, at a good old age.

It's wonderful that Dan is three years sober and has found a beneficial way to use the "shine." The story is coming together nicely, as Dan knows Doctor John from AA, who also happens to be Abra's doctor. We can pretty much guess that Dan helping DJ to find his watch in his special way will lead DJ to get Dan involved with Abra and her special ability. Though Abra is already making her presence known to Dan, and remember, Dan had already thought of Abra earlier when he writes ABRA in his AA meetings notebook.

I'm excited to keep reading, though trying not to read ahead. It's damn hard!

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