Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Strain Read-a-Long - Discussion Post One #thestrainRAL

I was going to post some questions from a reading group guide I found online, but it said it had a lot of spoilers and I, for one, do not want this book spoiled for me.

So, how are you liking it so far? I am finding it incredibly creepy. The part when the firefighter is up on the wing investigating and the door just opens. Holy cow! I had all kinds of skin crawling going on. And how about that huge coffin-like box in the cargo hold? I'm sorry but if I found a box like that with soil in it, what would I automatically think of? Dracula, vampires, and the like. I mean, come on...did these characters NOT read Dracula?! Yeah, that's just my horror novel/movie brain talking. haha!

The eclipse was an interesting addition to the story. It was cool to learn more about the phenomenon. I had no idea that a person could really go blind after looking at the eclipse during the sun's reappearance. Then shouldn't Dolores Claiborne be blind? She looked at the eclipse as the sun reappeared after letting her husband fall to his death in a well. But I digress. That's another book for another time. *wink* Anyway, I thought the eclipse added to the general foreboding of the story. I think Eph's ex-wife had just the right attitude about it...feeling very uneasy. Little does she know...

Share with us your thoughts by leaving a link in the comments or by just commenting below. If you've read ahead, please keep in mind that others may not have so try not to leave any spoilers.

I hope you're enjoying the book as much as I am.


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  1. I am enjoying reading this book. I like how the characters are developing. So glad you didn't post any spoilers.
    The story pulls you right at the scene like you described with the door opening. I jumped with
    surprise like I was there. I also thought of vampires when the box with soil was opened..and werewolves and things that roamed at night in spook movies.
    I won't put any spoilers in but it is hard not to read ahead.
    I use to read horror themed books and watch horror movies when I was younger. I had forgotten
    how much I enjoyed being spooked until now.

  2. I was hooked from page one. This is a great mystery... I was thoroughly creeped out by the door opening scene and later when the eclipse happens. I'm really loving the characters and their varying points of view. After reading the first section, I don't want to wait. I think I'm going to continue reading, but I'll definitely check in at the next section.

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