Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring into Horror--My Updates

Saturday, 10:00pm--Man, I've only read about 40 pages today, of Ghost Story.  I went to lunch and a movie with Mom today.  Saw "The Raven"...great film! Here's my update and my entry for Erin's Challenge 5 at Oh, For the Hook of a Book is just below it.

My update:
Total Books Read: I'm doing away with this category since I'm really only reading parts of books so far.  I will add it back when (if) I complete an entire book.
Total Pages Read: 360 
Books Read Since Last Update: see above
Pages Read since last update:  120 
What I'm currently reading: Reading Ghost Story by Peter Straub, on page 149.  Loving it! Really hoping to finish tonight.  Up next, The King's Agent by Donna Russo Morin.  Then, I would love to start Graceling by Kristin Cashore and get caught up in A Clash of Kings.  Too ambitious, I'm sure!

Erin's Challenge 5--Can you finish this sentence?
I know it's a little strange that I carry this around with me, but since I killed her and took her hand, I can't part with it.  They say (Who are they, by the way?) that a serial killer always takes a souvenir, but is this what they meant?  I'm not sure, but this is the memento I wanted.  Plus, I like to take the hand and have it caress the top of my head the way my mother did when I was a child.  I am in kind of a dilemma though.  The hand is starting to rot and it smells really bad.  I'm afraid I will have to part with it soon.  So I must go around looking for a replacement.  Where do the motherly women gather?  The grocery store is where I will go, I think.  

Friday, 5:45pm--Okay, so I missed updating yesterday.  I know, I know. I'm bad.  I haven't been doing so hot with the reading either, but I'm hoping tonight and this weekend will prove to be productive.  So here is my update and then just below that are my entries for Erin's Challenge 3 and Challenge 4 at Oh, For the Hook of a Book.

My update:
Total Books Read: I'm doing away with this category since I'm really only reading parts of books so far.  I will add it back when (if) I complete an entire book.
Total Pages Read: 240 (approx.)
Books Read Since Last Update: see above
Pages Read since last update:  115 
What I'm currently reading: Reading Ghost Story by Peter Straub, on page 29.  I can tell already that this is going to be a fast read for me.  Deliciously creepy already!

Erin's Challenge 3--Horror Survey
1.) What do you define HORROR genre as?  I define horror as the really scary, the gory, the gothic, the creepy.  Authors I would classify would be Stephen King, Dean Koontz (most of his), Richard Matheson, Graham Masterton, Scott Nicholson, Brandon Ford, Thomas Tryon, John Saul

2.) What is your favorite sub-genre of HORROR (paranormal, devil/death, supernatural, blood and gore, etc.)  I like the really scary ones and blood and gore is okay, in moderation.  What I really like is the supernatural...the subtly creepy ones.  Also, paranormal because of Anne Rice mainly.

3.) What do you want to see more from writers in the HORROR field?  More subtlety.  Less in your face, like Hell House by Richard Matheson.  Truly though, I'm quite pleased with what horror has to offer these days.

4.) Favorite HORROR movie and why?  I can't really pick one.  For my most recent favorite, it would have to be "Insidious".  Just a terrific scary flick.  The music alone will set your teeth on edge.  Another favorite is "The Descent".  Trapped in a cave with mutated human creatures.  Enough said.  I loved "Jeepers Creepers" for obvious reasons and I'm a big fan of the Japanese horror genre and its U.S. remakes.  Specifically, "The Ring" and "The Grudge".
5.) Favorite HORROR authors and why?  Stephen King, again for obvious reasons, but specifically for books like Bag of Bones.  Just so subtly creepy.  Richard Matheson because of Hell House.  Read it.  You'll see why.  Dean Koontz.  I'm not as enamored of him as I used to be, but books like Phantoms, Whispers, Hideaway made him a staple in my home library.  Also, John Saul.  Again, don't read him as much, but still like some of his books.  Someone you MUST try is Thomas Tryon.  Specifically, for The Other and Harvest Home.  Two completely awesome books.

6.) What other elements do you like in your HORROR books (mystery, thriller, romance, historical, etc.)?  I like a good historical mystery, like The Alienist by Caleb Carr.  Also, thrillers are good at times.  Hush by Kate White was a good thriller and I like the author Erin Hart.  Her thriller/mystery, Haunted Ground was excellent.

7.) What is you favorite HORROR book of all time?  Sorry SK, but it has to be Hell House by Richard Matheson!

8.) What do you like most about this Spring into Horror read-a-thon?  Well, since I'm the host...everything! LOL! But seriously, I love the reading, of course, but ultimately it's also about community and interacting with people of a like mind.  I love it! Which is why I host them (next one coming up in July...not horror themed this time, but still fun!)

9.) Why do you think people read HORROR?  I think people generally like being scared.  Especially in a safe way where you know you're not really going to get hurt.  It's that adrenaline rush that comes with getting scared that I think people enjoy.  I know it's the case with me.

10.) Your favorite name of a character in a HORROR book?  That honor goes to the vampire Lestat de Lioncourt (sp?) from Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles.  What a name...what a character!

Erin's Challenge 4--How Would You Survive?
1. Satellite cell phone
2. tent
3. extra rugged and warm sleeping bag
4. rifle/shotgun
5. hunting knife
6. several boxes of matches
7. non-perishable food (granola bars, etc.)
8. extra ammunition
9. plenty of bottled water
10. a pot/pan for cooking

I really don't hold out much hope for my survival.  Of course, I am a trooper so if confronted with this situation, I just might buck up and kick ass!

Wednesday, 9:50pm--It's time for Erin's Challenge #2.  Stop by Oh, For the Hook of a Book to check it out.  It involves Stephen King, everyone's favorite horror author (well, mine anyway)! My read-a-thon update is below the SK stuff.  =O)

Here's a pic of the shelf dedicated solely to Stephen King books, although he's going to have to have two shelves very soon.  This corner bookshelf houses most of my favorite authors besides King, like Anne Rice, Jean Auel, Jane Austen, Dean Koontz, etc.  Now in this pic you're only going to see the stacks in the front, but the shelf is pretty deep so the rest are behind and the stack on the left are Joe Hill (son) and Tabitha King (wife) books.  

Since this image does not begin to show the sheer amount of SK books I own, I'm afraid I'm going to have to list them here.  I don't mind though.  I'm so proud! Starred are what I've read.  Double starred are favorites.  I have not read nearly enough of his books.  What's wrong with me?!  (four books I have read, but do not own, are Needful Things, Christine, Pet Sematary, and Cujo)
  1. Danse Macabre                        
  2. Four Past Midnight
  3. Different Seasons                      
  4. The Green Mile **
  5. Salem's Lot                               
  6. The Stand
  7. Cycle of the Werewolf             
  8. The Talisman (with Peter Straub)
  9. Black House (w/ Straub)        
  10. The Eyes of the Dragon
  11. Misery **                                 
  12. The Tommyknockers
  13. The Dark Half  *                      
  14. Gerald's Game
  15. Dolores Claiborne               
  16. Insomnia
  17. Rose Madder *                      
  18. Desperation
  19. Bag of Bones ** (actually read twice!)                      
  20. Dreamcatcher *
  21. The Diary of E. Rimbauer *   
  22. From a Buick 8
  23. Cell                                     
  24. Lisey's Story
  25. The Regulators                    
  26. Blaze
  27. It                                          
  28. The Gunslinger  *
  29. The Drawing of the Three   
  30. The Waste Lands
  31. Wizard and Glass                
  32. Wolves of the Calla
  33. Song of Susanna                  
  34. The Dark Tower
  35. Everything's Eventual         
  36. The Shining
  37. Skeleton Crew                   
  38. Duma Key *
  39. The Dead Zone                  
  40. Just After Sunset
  41. Nightmares/Dreamscapes  
  42. Under the Dome 
  43. Carrie *                               
  44. Full Dark, No Stars
  45. 11/22/63

My update:
Total Books Read: 1/4
Total Pages Read: 125 (approx.)
Books Read Since Last Update: 1/4
Pages Read since last update:  115 
What I'm currently reading: Trying to catch up on Bleak House for a read-a-long.  I have about 300 pages to read.  Good luck!

Tuesday, 5:00pm--For Erin's challenge (and giveaway) at Oh, For the Hook of a Book and to update, I am currently reading (finishing) The Catcher in the Rye for the last discussion tonight on TuesBookTalk.

I'm still not very caught up in A Clash of Kings, which I was trying to do before I watch the episodes I missed of the HBO series ("Game of Thrones"), but I'm not going to get to watch it this week anyway so I think after I finish Catcher in the Rye, I will pick up Ghost Story and read it the rest of the night.  Scary reading for a late night. ;O)

Monday,6:30pm--I haven't done much reading for the read-a-thon so far.  I was on mom duty for half the day.  Well, it's every day, but this was extra mom duties.  ;O)  So, I've visited everyone that is signed in at the linky, I've got TweetChat pulled up for #SpringHorrorRAT tweeting, and I'm ready to settle in for some reading...after I fix supper.  Aargh!

Total Books Read: 0
Total Pages Read: 10 (maybe)
Books Read Since Last Update: 0
Pages Read since last update:  N/A (first update) 
What I'm currently reading: A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin  (I'll get my horror on after I get caught up with this)



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  1. I also didn't get too much reading done yesterday, and today probably wont be too much better! Oh well, that is life I guess. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I have been wanting to read Anne Rice for about 2 years and never got around to it. I would love some recommendations!

  2. Wow, you have a lot of books. I have alot too, but not as many as you. :)

  3. That list alone is probably half of my bookshelf.
    The only Stephen King book I've read is Four Past Midnight and I only got halfway through.

  4. On Challenge 4, ummmmm....not so sure you'd actually survive demons or flesh eating monsters if you were head to head with some with that list....but you COULD offer them granola bars. :))) xo

    I loved your answers to the Horror Survey. I like to read what everyone else thinks. Brian Moreland considers John Saul one of his mentors. I don't like much gore, but I was able to stomach it in Brian's books. I guess it depends on the back story. :)

    There is a sub-set of horror I hate, but then there is quite a bit I like too. I hate how people stereotype the genre.

  5. Any reading is good! =) How are you liking Ghost Story? I got it as a Christmas gift but haven't gotten a chance to read it.

  6. I am not quite as into my reading as I would like. I know I am on my 5th book now but I think they have all be rather short (around 200 pages).
    Do you have any idea when in July you will be hosting the next read-a-thon?

  7. Hi Jane! Hey, 5 books are 5 books, whether they are 200 pages or 400. Great job!

    Last year, the I hosted the summer read-a-thon the last week in July. I try to distance it from the 4th of July holiday (in U.S.). Plus, I have to make sure there are no other read-a-thons going on at the same time. Probably looking at mid to late July. I'll probably announce the dates toward the end of May.

  8. Ah, you've so many Stephen King books.
    I haven't read anything written by his wife, but I did read Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill. :)

    Lol, loved your mini story. Motherly women in grocery stores protect your hands :D

    And by the way, I think Lestat is one awesome name :D

    Happy reading~

  9. I am looking around for your story challenge. I will find it:)

  10. Michelle, thanks for the recommendation of Ghost Story. I am downloading it right now from Audible!!

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