Tuesday, September 16, 2014

House of Seven Gables Read-a-Long - Discussion Delayed #NH7Gables

Sorry, folks! I'm running behind. Will have the discussion up by Thursday or Friday at the latest. Please feel free to share your thoughts on Twitter in the meantime using #NH7Gables

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  1. The writing style of the author which is from a different age. It
    takes a while to get use to reading. The author uses a lot of
    symbolism within his story.
    The House of Seven Gable is based upon Salem and its
    historical events. The house itself is dark & gloomy which
    creates a spooky atmosphere. There is a limited number of
    characters all created to symbolize the good and the bad and
    the old generation effects the new generation. This is a story of
    witchcraft, curses, murder, greed, wealth and supernatural
    elements mixed with some romance.
    My favorite part of the story is the flower garden and the way
    it affects the various characters.
    An oldie but goodie!!

  2. I am so behind on this! I'm hoping to have the final post up by tonight. Thanks for your insight. I hope you will stop back by on the wrap up.

    Would you mind if I included your observations in my post, crediting you, of course?

  3. No problem. I also posted on Goodreads & Amazon!! Boring but fun read!! Now off to Spooky Reads!!
    PS where am I supposed to post my spook read as I do not Tweet??

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  4. Just leave a comment over at the read-a-thon blog (link below) and leave a link to your currently reading on Goodreads. I left you a comment on your Goodreads profile last night too. :)


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