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Page Turner Book Tours: Karyn Pearson's Hunters' Assessment--Guest Post

Arcturian Bloodlines

In a world once preyed upon openly by the evil known as Vampires the common folk once stood against them. Historically and in fiction the vampire would prey upon the weak. Typically, in folklore and in fiction, this is portrayed as women, children and the sick among them. A woman would rarely be seen wielding the weapon that killed the vampire. Many of the vampire novels being created today continue to maintain this theme. Thankfully, not all authors do. Karyn Pearson is one author who has crafted world of hunters, humans, and vampires where the only prey are the humans who don’t believe such dangers exist.

Arcturian Bloodlines is not your typical tale of Vampires, Hunters, and their hybrid families. In this series, starting with the introductory short story, Hunters’ Assessment, those who combat the forces trying to step out of the understood laws, include women of great skill and unique gifts. As you can witness in the new short story, each team consists of highly trained specialists in the art of Vampire Hunting. This tradition is one that has been in place for centuries. You are briefly introduced to the head of the Hunter’s Society, a woman, and mother. From there you follow a team led by her son that includes a young woman more than capable of holding her own in a fight. It is this woman who has the gift of foresight that helps her team through their training. While they are not the only women to impact this full series, they are good examples of the women you will meet as this series continues.

Hunters’ Assessment gives you the slightest hint of the incredible skill this young author possesses. The depth of this world is touched upon through the life you see in each individual character, and the strengths they have. By the final words of this incredible short story you get a feel for the world these hunters are faced with. There is no time to consider gender, social status, or age in this or any other part of Arcturian Bloodlines. That is a fact you will better understand when the first novel is released in late 2014.

About the book
Title: Hunter’s Assessment 
Series: Arcturian Bloodlines 
Author: Karyn Pearson 
Genre: Paranormal YA 
Publisher: The Writing Network 
Formats Available: Digital 
Release Date: TBA

After years of training, they should have been ready for this. It was supposed to be a simple mission: eliminate the vampires and acquire the intel they’re guarding.

Shane Kantor figured that this hunter’s assessment would be like every other test the Hunter’s Society had thrown at him and his squad. But he was wrong. Now Shane might just lose everything: his life, his legacy, and worst of all, her.


“Hi,” she said, extending a hand. “You’re Shane?”

“Yeah,” he nodded woodenly, swallowing a lump in his throat as he shook her hand. “So you’re Sophie. My Predictor.”

“Yep, that’s me.”

“It’s an honor to have you on my squad.”

Sophie looked shyly away from him, laughing lightly. “No,” she murmured, shaking her head. “The honor’s all mine. I didn’t know you were the Grandmaster’s son. I feel lucky to have been chosen to be part of your squad.”

“Yeah, I figure the Grandmaster wouldn’t want to leave her own kid stuck with just anybody,” Troy, the Marksman, agreed. “If it was me, I’d want to have someone like you well-protected. Wouldn’t want the Grandmaster’s son accidentally getting killed from having incompetent squad mates, now would we?”

Shane frowned. “Let me just make one thing clear, alright?”

“By all means, go ahead, oh righteous leader,” Troy drawled.

“Forget that I’m the Grandmaster’s son. I don’t want preferential treatment. I don’t want you all to look at me and see Shane Kantor, son of Nadia Kantor, the Grandmaster and leader of the Hunter’s Society. I just want you to see me as your friend, your comrade. Nothing more, nothing less. We’re all equals here. Understood?”

“Yes, I understand,” Sophie replied.

Shane looked to Troy, waiting for his answer.

The Marksman sighed, nodding reluctantly. “Alright,” he muttered, throwing his hands up in a gesture of half-surrender, half-compliance. “No favorites?”

“No favorites.” Shane confirmed.

Troy grinned. “So, Mister Not-the-Grandmaster’s-son, how good are you in a fight?”

The Dancer’s eyes lit up with amusement as he regarded his new comrade. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

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About the author
Karyn Pearson is the author of Spark (Hellfire Trilogy #1) and full-time pet parent of her two dogs Nikki and Jamie. She has a B.A. in Anthropology and has explored dozens of cultures in her studies, but has imagined countless more. Karyn enjoys reading, playing action RPGs, and plotting the next adventure for her characters when she has a spare moment free of the dreaded and undefeated “puppy dog eyes attack.”

Her current projects include Inferno (Hellfire Trilogy #2) and the first novel of the upcoming vampire series, Arcturian Bloodlines. When she’s not writing, Karyn can be found playing with her puppies or Googling various dangerous topics for novel research that make her constantly question why federal agents haven’t yet knocked down her front door.

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