Friday, June 8, 2012

Check me out...I'm featured today!

Stop by over at Krista's Book Review Club where she is featuring me today for the Feature Follow 100 Giveway Hop.  Krista is such a great blogger and has quickly become a new blogging friend.  You really must check out her wonderful blog.  She's also offering a giveaway.  So stop by over there and see what I had to say.  Thanks!



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  1. Thanks Michelle,
    Well when it comes to blogging I have had some help learning from the BEST! Thanks for the wonderful words! Have a great weekend:) Oh and we got 2 new kittens. Max and Salem my kids named them:)

    1. Great names for the kitties!

      I really have to thank you again for featuring me. I have gained a bunch of new followers and if I can find them through their GFC ID, I will follow them back. =O)

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