Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stephen King's IT Read-a-Long 2011


Yes, another read-a-long! I'm planning on doing this, but FIRST, must locate my book.  Finally starting to unpack my books from the move months ago (pathetic, I know).  So, will most probably be playing catch up, but I have wanted to read this one for years.  Hopefully, I will succeed!

For details and full read-a-long schedule, visit Serena's blog, Savvy Verse and Wit.



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  1. Thanks for posting about the read-a-long. I hope others will join. First discussion for Part 1 is on Aug. 24

  2. Michelle - look what happens when you tell me you like Vincent Price, too.. ;") ->

    Have a nice day.. (and I hope this was okay..) ;")

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