Thursday, September 1, 2022

#SomethingWickedFall 2022 featuring The Devil in Silver, stories, movies, and more!

Here we are at year five! I don't know about anyone else, but here at Castle Macabre, spooky season starts TODAY! Keep reading for all the wicked fun!

Everything on the agenda is on the button above, but I'm going to share more details below. If you're on Facebook, we have a Seasons of Reading group and page, where we interact during readathons so I'll be sharing info there, and also on the Seasons of Reading Instagram, and in our Seasons of Reading Goodreads group. Castle Macabre also has a Facebook page. Forgot to mention...we have a Seasons of Reading Discord. I will create a Something Wicked Fall channel if anyone is up for some live interaction. Here's the invite link:

😈 Victor LaValle's The Devil in Silver read-along. We will be reading the book for the entire two months. My mom borrowed it a couple of years ago, and said it was really good. Time to mark it off the TBR!

Discussions will be held on this blog. I will put a new post up every two weeks on Sunday. We will read along according to the schedule below.

My edition is the Spiegel & Grau (hardcover) edition, published 2012. 412 pages.

Read-Along Schedule
  • Week One (start Sept 1): Ch 1 - 4, pp 3 -48
  • Week Two (week of Sept 12): Ch 5 - 11, pp 49 - 101
    Discussion post over weeks one and two - Sunday, September 18
  • Week Three (week of Sept 19): Ch 12 - 15, pp 102 - 153
  • Week Four (week of Sept 26): Ch 16 - 20, pp 154 - 203
    Discussion post over weeks three and four - Sunday, October 2
  • Week Five (week of Oct 3): Ch 21 - 28, pp 204 - 251
  • Week Six (week of Oct 10): Ch 29 - 33, pp 252 - 299
    Discussion post over weeks five and six - Sunday, October 16
  • Week Seven (week of Oct 17): Ch 34 - 37, pp 303 - 351
  • Week Eight (week of Oct 24): Ch 38 - Author's Note, pp 352 - 412 (end)
    Discussion post over weeks seven and eight - Sunday, October 30

💀 In September, we're focusing on Gothic stories (Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and others). There's a great list on Goodreads for reference, Best Gothic Books of All Time. I'm not going to set up any read-alongs for this. I'll create a master post and you can stop by and share what you read, and your thoughts, in the comments of that post.

🎃 In October, we're focusing on horror stories. There are a couple of great lists on Goodreads for reference...Best Horror Anthologies and Horror Collections (Single Author). I'm not going to set up any read-alongs for this either. I'll create another master post and you can stop by and share what you read, and your thoughts, in the comments of that post. 

👹 Horror movie/shows I watch an inordinate amount of horror movies and shows during the season so I will be sharing my take on some of those, and will probably share a few book reviews as well. As always, I invite guest posts or reviews from anyone who cares to contribute. The more the merrier! 

👻 #FrightFall Readathon, October all month long, at Seasons of Reading. Sign ups for the readathon will be open soon. Reader's Imbibing Peril (R.I.P.) is going on right now as well.

I believe I've covered everything. If you have any questions, feel free to comment, or contact me via the contact form (click the image near the top of the sidebar) No official sign-up for this. Just share that you're in by leaving a comment. You can join in as little or as much as you want.

If you have already read this post (or if you haven't), I'm adding an addendum, as I forgot to mention Countdown to Halloween! It's an annual event hosted by my friend Michelle aka Naila Moon. You can check out all the details here, and grab a badge if you'd like to participate. 

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  1. Is this connected to the "I Read Horror Year-round Reading Challenge? Because that challenge seems to have quietly died. There was no post for the mid-year updates. I wonder if there was be one at the end of September.

  2. Hi Gilda! No, this is not connected to that challenge. The I Read Horror challenge is still going on. I apologize for not posting a second quarter (mid-year) update. I was traveling in early July and then when I returned, I was sick for a while. I will definitely be posting a quarter three update at the end of September. Something Wicked Fall is a two month fall event I host yearly. I hope you will consider joining us. Again, please accept my apologies for dropping the ball on the horror challenge. Blessed Be, Michelle

  3. Very excited to join up! I loved Victor La Salle's The Changeling. I really want to get in on this other one. I'll be posting up my lists soon. Thanks, as always, for keeping the eternal horror flame lit!

  4. Yes, I'm in for #FrightFall. Not sure if I have any gothic reads on my TBR for #somethingwickedfall, but I will check :)

  5. More or less testing. Feel free to delete if this goes through. A user on discord said they were having issues.

  6. I actually found a gothic horror, on the last day lol. I'm reading THE MONSTER OF ELENDHAVEN by Jennifer Giesbrecht


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